The park is located on approximately 93 acres of the 120-acre property owned by LADWP in the Ascot Hills. The Ascot Hills are a dominate part of the view shed of the surrounding communities, Lincoln Heights to the west, Rose Hills to the North, El Sereno to the east, and Hillside Village to the south.

The main entrance for vehicles and pedestrians is located at the south boundary, off of Multnomah Street near the intersection with Gateside Drive. Another pedestrian and service vehicle entrance is located at the north boundary connecting Kewanee Street.

The park is located directly across Multnomah Drive from Wilson High School, and Multnomah Elementary School is a short three blocks walk from the park entrance. A Dash Bus route connecting to the communities of El Sereno and City Terrace runs along Multnomah Street, and has stops opposite Wilson High School and at Multnomah Elementary School at Indiana Ave. The other nearby schools that are served by the Dash bus include: Bravo High School and El Sereno Middle School and Farmdale Elementary School in El Sereno. Wilson High, El Sereno Middle and Multnomah Elementary schools have magnet or learning academy programs focused on environmental science studies, and Bravo High is a medical magnet school that has similar emphasis on natural science studies. Both High Schools’ have athletics programs that utilize the park’s hilly terrain for as part of their conditioning exercise programs. The close proximity of these schools makes the park a valuable resource for enriching their natural science and other programs.

The park also serves as a valuable passive recreation asset for the nearby communities. The park also attracts visitors who travel moderate distances to take in the natural environment and vistas from vantage points on the hills. The park offers sweeping panoramic views. In winter, storms clean the air and leave the local and distant mountain peaks topped with snow. From the overlooks on the west ridge, park users have close up views of the downtown high rises, LA County-USC Medical Center, and on clear days, can see Catalina Island, some fifty miles away as if it was just beyond the Palos Verdes hills. For those who know where to look, it is possible on a clear day to see the “Hollywood” sign located on the south flank of the Santa Monica Mountains.

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