Allowed and Compatible Uses
The following is a listing of allowed and compatible uses in Ascot Hills Park. Additional uses may be allowed, but such additional uses may require application for a permit and review by the PAB.
Hiking, walking, jogging is permitted on trails
Dog walking is permitted on trails with dogs on 6’ or shorter leash
Nature enjoyment, including bird watching and photography
Kite Flying
Educational activities – see details in following section

Prohibited Uses
All unlawful activities, including but not limited to:
Alcohol consumption
Carving or defacing of trees, benches, tables, or any park amenity
Loitering after park closure
Dogs off leash

Additional prohibited uses in Ascot Hills Park include:
Overnight camping
Wildlife harassment or capture
Golf practice
Equestrian use
Disc Golf
Amplified music
Off-road vehicles
Vehicle maintenance

Providing for the educational needs of the community is one of the goals listed in this plan. It is intended that there will be interpretive programming and displays in the park. The park offers many opportunities for school classes or other groups to conduct nature study and other educational activities.
Educational uses of the park will not require a specific permit or approval if the activity does not alter the park landscape. For long-term usage or projects that alter the park landscape, approval and or permit will be required.

Events and Festivals
Events and festivals are encouraged, providing that the usages are consistent with the park goals and that the park and neighboring communities are not adversely impacted. All Events and Festivals held in the park shall require prior review and approval by the PAB and the Department of Recreation and Parks.

Applications for park usage permits should be submitted to the Lincoln District Maintenace Supervisor, (323) 224-2315

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