Public Agency Guidelines


The Updated Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance 2009

The State of California legislature implemented landscape and irrigation design requirements aimed at reducing water waste in landscape irrigation.  All local land use agencies are required to adopt the model ordinance, or develop an ordinance that is at least as effective by January 2010.


Estimating Irrigation Water Needs of Landscape Plantings 2000

WUCOLS provides evaluations of the irrigation and water needs for over 3,500 plant groups used in California landscapes. It provides guidance in the selection and care of landscape plants relative to their water needs.


California Department of Water Resources, Urban Drought Guidebook 2008

This guidebook discusses water shortage management programs pertaining to the water shortage contingency plans.


Best Practice Emergency Water Conservation Plan: Los Angeles, CA

The Emergency Water Conservation Plan goal is to reduce water consumption and minimize the effects of water shortage of LA residents. This article gives a brief summary of each of the five phases of the plan.

LA Emergency Water Conservation Plan


City of Los Angeles Water Conservation Ordinance Fact Sheet 2010

Under the City of Los Angeles Water Conservation Ordinance there are several restrictions that are placed upon all LA residents. This fact sheet outlines Phase II restrictions placed upon lawn watering.

Water Conservation Ordinance Fact Sheet


Cal/EPA California Water Action Plan

The plan will guide state efforts to enhance water supply reliability, restore damaged and destroyed ecosystems, and improve the resilience of infrastructure for the next five years.

California Water Action Plan

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