Rain Gardens and Storm Runoff


Rain Gardens: A how-to manual for homeowners

This manual provides homeowners and landscape professionals with the information needed to design and build rain gardens.



City of Los Angeles Rainwater Harvest Program

This publication includes a how-to manual that outlines the City of LA Rainwater Harvest Program. The manual includes an overview of rainwater harvesting, steps to build a Southern Californian specific rain garden, install rain barrels and a list of California native plants.



Rain Garden Design: Getting Started and Site Selection Sizing Process

This is an interactive publication, best viewed digitally. Throughout the guide, be sure to explore the videos, animations and slideshows to help supplement the rain garden information presented.



Installing Rain Gardens in Your Yard

The basic installation procedures are similar for most rain gardens. This article, in detail, explains each key to rain garden installation.



Rain Garden Design for Homeowners

This article outlines six steps for rain garden design and installation for a small area in a residential yard or neighborhood.



Rainwater as a Resource

This publication shares details of utilizing stormwater best management practices (BMPs) such as swales, retention grading, cisterns, infiltrators and strategically-planted trees in building and landscaping designs.



Tree People: Benefits of Capturing Rainwater

By implementing practices that restore or mimic natural water and tree cycles at your home can help heal the environment. Tree People provide many links and tips to explain the benefits and the ways you can begin capturing rainwater.

Capturing Rain Water


Healthy Gardens: Rain Barrels

USDA newsletter provides information on importance of rain barrels and the considerations when installing a barrel.

People’s Garden Rain Barrels


City of San Diego Rainwater Harvesting Guide

This publication provides a guide to rainwater harvesting. It addresses capturing rainwater through redirecting downspouts and rain barrels.

Rainwater Harvest Guide

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