Two north-south trending ridges on the east and west with a valley in the middle primarily define the park topography. An ephemeral watercourse runs through the valley formed between these ridges and is captured in a storm drain inlet located just north of the south boundary and east of the park entrance off of Multnomah Street. The elevations in the park vary from Elevation 454 feet at storm drain inlet to Elevation 754 feet on the high point on the east ridge. The high point on the west ridge is slightly lower at Elevation (Elev. 715 feet.)

There is a secondary ridge that trends off to the southwest from the west ridge and leads out of the park. A deep, south trending draw is formed between the west and southwest trending ridge that leads to the property boundary with private residences on the Indiana Avenue cul de sac. There are two major draws leading to saddles on the east ridge that provide for road and trail access to that ridge, and a few smaller draws are incised each of the major north-south trending ridges.

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